Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like my dog to join in the fun. What do I need to do?

We're very happy you want to join our family. First off, you need to make sure your dog is current on vaccinations, specifically Bordatella (otherwise known as Kennel Cough), Rabies & Distemper (DHLP). If your dog is over 6 months of age, then they do need to be spayed or neutered.

My dog has behavioral problems at home. Can Fetchers help me?

Of course! Through using a simple yet effective procedure that focuses on rewarding good behavior, Fetchers will help you turn your dog's bad behaviors into good ones (with minimal stress to you or your dog). Call us at (303) 733-3313 for a quote on our specialized training.

My dog's well-behaved. Why does he/she need an interview?

We know your dog is good. But, we like to learn as much about a dog as possible & the best way to do this is spend a few hours with them. We also want to make sure that our home is compatible with your dog. And don't worry, the interview is completely free.

When can I bring my dog in for an interview?

Interviews are made by appointment only & can be scheduled between 9 am to 12 pm Monday through Friday. Your dog is more than welcome to stay until 9:30 that night for a free day of day care but they must stay at least 4 hours. Call us at (303) 733-3313 to schedule your dog's interview.

What are your prices for boarding? What about day care?

See our prices for boarding & day care.

When can I drop off my dog? How about picking up late?

You can drop off & pick up your dog from as early as 6 am to as late as 9:30 pm.

My dog likes to be outside. Will he/she get to go outside?

You bet! Our guests frequently spend time outside in a very large outdoor play area, supervised at all times by a dog care specialist.

Will my dog interact with other dogs?

One of the great things about our cage free environment is that dogs are continuously interacting with each other; not only with other dogs but with our dog care specialists.

Fetchers sounds like a great place to work. How can I apply?

We're always looking for quality, experienced dog care specialists. Fill out an application here.