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Better Dog Care for a Better Dog

Fetchers provides a cage free boarding and day care environment.

  • Cage free environment means your dog spends their day and night in open pens, socializing with other dogs.
  • We have a very large outside play area for a full day of exercise & enjoyment. During the summer, individual pools are placed in the play area to provide a cooling dunk.
  • Our interior is climate controlled.
  • We have staff present 24 hours a day & our Dog Care Specialists receive on-going training throughout their employment. They are constantly interacting with the dogs in their care (except, of course, when it's nap time...shh!).
  • During feeding times, your dog is fed Precise Premium Dog Food twice a day. We'd be more than happy to feed your dog your own culinary specialty.
  • Should you need to get a hold of Fetchers (or your dog to say "Hi!"), we provide a 24-hour phone line that connects with a real, live Dog Care Specialist.
  • We know you live a busy life and early drop-offs and/or late pick-up times can be arranged between 6am and 9:30pm.
  • Fetchers also now offers bathing for your dog. Call us to learn more.
  • And, we keep our facility clean & healthy with the best cleaning policies in the business.

Call today to set-up your dog interview or tour! We do require an interview (of course, proof of vaccinations are required at time of interview); not because we're selective but because we want to know the most about your dog before you leave them with us. And the best way to know your dog is to spend a few hours with them, interacting & making sure that we're a good fit for your dog. Because, really, this is a relationship and everybody needs to be happy. And don't worry, the dog interview is completely free.

Call today! (303) 733-3313

Interview Referrals

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