Luther's owner, Darlene Munyon, writes:

My dog and I have had a great deal of exposure to the business practices and care of dogs at Fetchers Dog Care. I spent a great deal of time visiting other facilities and comparing them before I brought my dog to Fetchers Dog Care over 18 months ago. Because of my variable work schedule, I have visited the facility at various times throughout the day and evening and have boarded him at least six times during that time. I have gotten to know the staff and management well. I have talked with them about their love of dogs and their philosophy of care. With all this to back up my evaluation, I can vouch for the superior care and treatment of the dogs cared for by the staff at Fetchers Dog Care. The facilities are kept clean and sanitary. Their equipment is inspected for safety and there are adequate staff to manage any number of dogs that are cared for at any one time. My dog spends 4-5 days per week at Fetchers and I'm thankful every day that I don't have to worry about his safety or well-being. I know my dog enjoys going because every day he bounds out of the care and wags his tail when going inside. The staff has always alerted me if they notice any change in his health or habits.

I have recommended Fetchers Dog Care to many people and will continue to do so. I have never seen anything except superior care and excellent condidtions at Fetchers Dog Care.

Tsuga's (pronounced “Sooga”) owner, Matt Kizlinski, writes:

I am writing to express my support for Fetchers Dog Care's Santa Fe location. My wife and I have been bringing our dog to Fetchers (and The Golden Bone previously) for over two years and have had excellent experiences. When we moved to the area and were looking for a kennel, we were so pleased to find Fetchers. We were impressed with the cage-free environment, 24 hour staffing, outdoor play, and overall cleanliness of the facilities.

The best way for me to explain how my dog is treated at Fetchers is to describe him when we drop him off. When I let him out of the car, he runs to the front door and waits for me to let him in. Once inside, he runs to the back door of the front office that leads to the main area. Without even looking back at me, he bolts inside when let in by a staff memeber. His behavior tells me that he wants to be there, looks forward to the time he spends there, and is treated well while at Fetchers.

Over the past two years, I have left my dog at Fetchers for dozens of single day stays and dozens of overnight stays, a couple of times for up to a week. I wouldn't leave my dog at Fetchers as often as I do or plan to in the future if I questioned the quality of the staff or facilities. I simply don't think twice about leaving our dog with Fetchers.